God’s Day of Judgment; The Real Cause of Global Warming

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God’s Day of Judgment; The Real Cause of Global Warming is a totally unique book. It provides the scientific reason for the polar reversals and ice ages. It also answers the age-old religious question: What is God’s Day of Judgment and when will it happen? Douglas Vogt offers 60 major scientific discoveries or reinterpretations and 60 major Biblical discoveries. The thrust of Mr. Vogt’s book is to fully provide an explanation for the cause of the polar reversal and resulting ice age. At the time of the polar reversal, our Sun novas and that’s what eventually causes the ice age. The model used to give an explanation for the mysteries of the ice age is his Theory of Multidimensional Reality, the first information theory of existence. The creator proves that there’s a very high probability the next polar reversal will happen between September and December 2046. He found the exact date encoded in the Torah. In addition, he discovered the exact number of years between polar reversals, which is 12,068 years. The Torah has this same number encoded in its text. The creator explains how the Ark, the Tabernacle and the Rod of God worked and shows pictures of most of the altars he discovered all over his two expeditions to the Sinai, Egypt. The publication of this book marks the first time anyone has scientifically proven the existence of God and His relationship to the Universe. For any theory of existence to be correct, it will have to be capable to answer the three most difficult questions in the Universe: Why was once the Universe created? If God created the Universe than who created God? And what is man’s purpose in the Universe? The answers to these and other difficult questions are in this book.

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